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Looking for roof repairs or a new roof in Chattanooga? High Guard has been helping Tennessee homeowners protect their largest investment with top-quality, long-lasting and architecturally stylish roofing since 2017. As a top-rate roofer in Chattanooga, we understand that Scenic City residents want the view from their street to be just as scenic as the view from the top of Lookout Mountain, so we do more than just roofing. From the top of your home to the bottom, High Guard is your trusted partner in keeping your home and family protected. 

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Services we offer in Chattanooga include:


Whether you need a roof repair, roof replacement, or just an inspection to make sure your roof is OK after a storm, High Guard is here to serve you. Our trusted roofing technicians are experts at spotting hidden roof damage that can cost you thousands down the road if not addressed. Many times, a roof can be repaired instead of replaced, saving you from unnecessary costs! We specialize in all types of roofing used in Tennessee, including:

- Asphalt shingles
- Tile roofs
- Metal roofing.

Siding Repair and Replacement

Many times, where there’s roof damage from a storm, there is damage to siding, as well. That’s why we offer siding repair and replacement in Chattanooga. But you don’t need to have storm damage to enjoy new siding! With a new exterior, you can add a new look to your older home or add a personal touch to a newer home with designs that suits your personality. New siding is a great way to achieve a whole new look for your home without the cost of a remodel. Our siding specialists are experienced experts who handle all types of siding projects, including:

-Vinyl siding
-Hardie plank
-Composite siding
-Wood siding
-And more!


Windows are your home’s most decorative feature. But when yours are old or damaged, it makes your home look dated and worn. Not to mention, older windows are notoriously leaky, meaning you’re probably paying considerably more for energy costs both in winter and summer. By replacing your windows with new, attractive, energy-efficient windows, you refresh the look of your home AND set yourself up for thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your home! Energy-efficient windows come in all styles and shapes, so you can improve the energy use of your home without sacrificing its character! 


Trees and branches falling in a storm is a common cause of fence damage, and if your pets rely on that fence to go out and play, you need it repaired fast! High Guard is here to help (we’re pet people, too)! We offer repairs and replacement for all types of outdoor and accent fencing, including:

-Chain link
-Privacy fencing
-Vinyl fencing
-Wrought iron
-And more!

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