How do I know if I need a new roof?

Wondering whether or not you need a new roof? Replacing a roof is one of the biggest home maintenance expenses for homeowners, so you want to be sure you really need a new roof - not just repairs! 
The best way to know if you need a whole new roof is to have a free roof inspection done by one of our highly trained roofing experts. But here are some hints that a new roof might be in your future. 

1. You can see light - Visible light that you can see from inside the attic means you’ve got a spot where rain, wind, and animals can sneak in. 

2. Attic ambering is occurring - If sap is seeping out of the rafters in your attic, this means your roof wasn’t adequately ventilated when it was installed, and it may be compromised. 

3. Shingle edges are curled - Weather and age can cause shingle edges to curl, which prevents them from adequately keeping out rain and can lead to leaks.

4. You’ve got dark streaks  - Dark streaks on your roof mean that moss/algae have started to grow, which dramatically shortens the life span of your shingles.

5. Neighbors are getting new roofs - Homes built around the same time often need roof replacements at the same time, too. 

6. Your roof doesn’t look straight anymore -  Shingles should lie flat against the decking, and if not, action is needed sooner rather than later. Look for buckling, cracking and dents that signal trouble underneath.

7. Your roof is old enough to drink - If your roof is more than 20 years old, it is probably due for replacement.

8. A storm has damaged your roof - High wind speeds and falling hail can rip shingles off of a roof. Sometimes, a few shingles can be replaced. But if the roof is already nearing the end of its useful life, a full roof replacement might be necessary.

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